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Gender male
Position Programme Specialist, Tsunami Unit
Institution Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO [view]
Expertise Tsunami Warning Systems (11 years experience). Contributed to the task of helping Indian Ocean Member States to build an Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System. Contributes to strengthen National Tsunami Warning and Mitigation Systems in Colombia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. Contributes to put in place national capabilities for coastal hazards including tsunami in Haiti and Dominican Republic. Contributed to the development of tsunami community preparedness in Thailand and a National Multi Hazard Early Warning System in Oman. Contributes currently to development of subregional tsunami warning and mitigation systems in the South China Sea and in Central America.
Bioeconomic modelling (5 years experience),
Fisheries management (10 years experience),
Coastal Zoning (5 years experience),
Intergovernmental coordination (15 years experience),
Team building, Community Preparedness, Fisheries Economics, Coastal Zoning with GIS applications, Participatory Planning Processes, EIA, Early Warning Systems. Tsunami Evacuation Mapping and Planning.
Responsibilities Technical Secretary for the Caribbean Tsunami and other Coastal Hazards Warning and Mitigation System (ICG CARIBE EWS),
Technical Secretary for the Pacific Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (ICG PTWS), Technical Secretary for the Inter-ICG Task Team on Disaster Management and
Preparedness (TT-DMP)                                                  
Nationality Chile
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Tel +33 1 45 68 39 80
Address 7, place de Fontenoy
75732 Paris cedex 07


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