International Marine Science Conference - IOCARIBE 35th Anniversary

24 - 25 April 2017, Cartagena, Colombia

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6. Generation of science by IOCARIBE and its connectivity with national and regional policy processes Amrikha Singh 05/05/17
6. IOCARIBE 35th Anniversary "International Marine Sciences Conference" Cesar Toro 05/05/17
4. Creacion de Capacidades en Ciencias Marinas en Mexico: Experiencias y Necesidades Francisco Brizuela Venegas 05/05/17
5. ¿Que tipo de ciencia debemos hacer para manejar de manera inteligente la Biodiversidad Marina? Jaime Ricardo Cantera Kintz 05/05/17
5. Scientific contributions of IOCARIBE to the knowledge of marine biodiversity as an element of social development: Lessons learned Jorge Cortés 05/05/17
3. The modernization of the Sea Level Networks, the National Tsunami Warning System and the Operational Numerical Models in UNAM, Mexico Jorge Zavala Hidalgo 05/05/17
4. IOCARIBE as part of the Evolution of Capacity Development in Caribbean SIDS Laverne E. Ragster 05/05/17
1. The Contribution of IOCARIBE to Marine and Climate Science in the Insular Caribbean Leonard Nurse 05/05/17
1. Application of Science for Policy and Management of Marine Living Resources Milton Haughton 05/05/17
2. Data Accesibility in the Caribbean: Bridging the GAP between Science and Management Rahanna Juman 05/05/17
2. Ocean Data Collection and Management in the Eastern Caribbean: Challenges, opportunities and the impact of IOCARIBE Ramon Roach 05/05/17
3. The National Tsunami Monitoring System (SINAMOT) in Costa Rica and its origins Silvia Chacon Barrantes 05/05/17

Agenda Documents

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7. Ciencias Marinas y el Papel de IOCARIBE 05/05/17

Other Documents

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  Conference Announcement 07/04/17
  Call for Posters 07/04/17
  IOCARIBE 35th Anniversary Conference Agenda IOCARIBE 35th Anniversary International Marine Science Conference - Provisional Agenda/Timetable 23/04/17
  Group Photo 09/05/17

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