24th Session of the IODE Committee

27 - 31 March 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  IOC/IODE-XXIV/3 Twenty-fourth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange, Summary Report 07/04/17

Agenda Documents

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2.1. IOC/IODE-XXV/1 add. prov. IODE-XXIV: Provisional Timetable 20/03/17
2.3. IOC/IODE-XXV/1 add. prov. IODE-XXIV: Provisional Timetable 20/03/17
3.1. IOC/IODE-Off-2016/3 2016 IODE Officers Meeting, IOC Project Office for IODE, 20-22 January 2016: SUMMARY REPORT 28/01/16
3.2.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.2.1 IODE-XXIV: Joint JCOMM/IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices - JCOMM/IODE ETDMP 24/11/16
3.2.2. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.2.2 IODE-XXIV: IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GE-MIM) 18/11/16
3.3. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.3.1.a IODE-XXIV: Status of the IODE Network - Part 1: Data Management 17/11/16
3.3. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.3.1.b IODE-XXIV: Status of the IODE Network - Part 2:Marine Information Management 17/11/16
3.3.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.3.1 c IODE-XXIV: Report on the MoU between VLIZ and UNESCO/IOC on the IOC Project Office for IODE 24/02/17
3.4.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.1 IODE-XXIV: Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS) 28/02/17 IOC/IODE-XXIV/ IODE-XXIV: Pilot Project Proposal: OBIS Event Data for Scientific Applications (Draft) 28/03/17
3.4.2. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.2 IODE-XXIV: Global Oceanographic Data Archaeology and Rescue (GODAR) 04/01/17
3.4.3. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.3 IODE-XXIV: World Ocean Database (WODB) 04/01/17
3.4.4. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.4 IODE-XXIV: Global Temperature Salinity Profile Programme 24/02/17
3.4.5. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.5 IODE-XXIV: Global Ocean Surface Underway Data (GOSUD) 07/02/17
3.4.6. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.6 IODE-XXIV: International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) 18/11/16
3.4.7. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.7 IODE-XXIV: IODE International Quality-controlled Ocean Database (IODE-IQuOD) 14/12/16
3.4.8. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.8 IODE-XXIV: IODE Ocean Data Portal 04/01/17
3.4.9. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.9 IODE-XXIV: OceanDataPractices 22/11/16
3.4.10. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.10 IODE-XXIV: OceanDocs 17/11/16
3.4.10. OceanDocs leaflet 2016 13/03/17
3.4.11. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.11 IODE-XXIV: OceanExpert 22/11/16
3.4.12. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.12 IODE-XXIV: Ocean Knowledge Platform Pilot Project (OceanKnowledge) 18/11/16
3.4.14 IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.4.14 IODE-XXIV: IODE Quality Management Framework (QMF) 11/01/17 IOC/IODE-XXIV/ IODE-XXIV: Ocean Data Standards and Best Practices (ODSBP) 01/03/17 IOC/IODE-XXIV/ IODE-XXIV: SPINCAM 3 04/01/17 IOC/IODE-XXIV/ IODE-XXIV: LME:LEARN 25/01/17
3.5.5. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.5.5 IODE-XXIV: Brief report on cooperation of IODE in the Research Data Alliance 07/12/16
3.5.6. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.5.6 IODE-XXIV: Brief report on cooperation of IODE in the International Indian Ocean Expedition II (IIOE-2) 07/12/16
3.5.7. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.5.7 IODE-XXIV: Research Coordination Network (RCN): Sustained Multidisciplinary Ocean Observations (RCN:OceanObsNetwork) 01/03/17
3.6.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.6.1 IODE-XXIV: Ocean Data and Information Network for Africa (ODINAFRICA) 15/12/16
3.6.2. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.6.2 IODE-XXIV: Ocean Data and Information Network or the Black Sea region (ODINBLACKSEA) 07/12/16
3.6.3. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.6.3 IODE-XXIV: Ocean Data and Information Network for the Caribbean and Latin Amaerica (ODINCARSA-LA) 07/12/16
3.6.4. IOCINDIO-V/3s Executive Summary Report of the Fifth Session of the IOC Regional Committee for the Central Indian Ocean (IOCINDIO), 25–27 April 2016, Chennai, India 26/05/16
3.6.5. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.6.5 IODE-XXIV: ODINECET 22/11/16
3.6.6. IOC/IODE-XXIV/3.6.6 IODE-XXIV: Ocean Data and Information Network for the Western Pacific Region (ODINWESTPAC) 07/12/16
4.1. IOC/INF-1332 IOC Capacity Development Strategy 2015-2021 07/03/16
4.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/4.1 IODE-XXIV: Report on the IOC Capacity Development Strategy and its implementation plan 24/02/17
4.2.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/4.2.1 IODE-XXIV: OceanTeacher Global Academy (OTGA) Project 27/02/17
4.2.2. IOC/IODE-XXIV/4.2.2 IODE-XXIV: Report on other / new IODE Capacity Development Activities and Opportunities 10/01/17
6.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/6.1 IODE-XXIV: Report of the Inter-sessional working Group to Propose a Re-structuring of IODE (Decision IODE-XXIII.1) 10/01/17
6.1.1. IODE-XXIV: draft recommendation 6.1.1 AIUs (Draft) 28/03/17
6.2. IOC/IODE-XXIV/6.2 IODE-XXIV: IOC Strategic Plan for Data and Information Management (2017-2021) 07/03/17
6.2.1. IOC/IODE-XXIV/6.2.1 IODE-XXIV: Ocean Data and Information System - Concept Paper 20/03/17
6.3. IOC/IODE-XXIV/6.3 IODE-XXIV: IODE Communication and Outreach Strategy for Data and Information Management 07/03/17
12. IODE-XXIV: Draft Summary Report - Part 1 rev (Draft) 30/03/17

Group(s): Capacity Development
Label(s): IODE official meeting
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