Coastal Mapping, Modeling and Risk Assessment (CoMMRA) Workshop Report

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Summary The training course addresses workplan item 6.2 (ii): Advanced Training Course on bathymetric and topographic data management and map construction (including GIS basic knowledge),which was approved during the COAST-MAP-IO Kick-off Meeting in Bangkok, 24 - 26 October 2007. The workshop entitled "Coastal Mapping, Modeling, and Risk Assessment (CoMMRA)" is an important milestone in the framework of the general objectives of COASTMAP-IO by strengthening the capacity of participating countries to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and tsunami modeling software for accurate inundation and risk mapping in coastal areas.

21 participants from 11 countries attended the CoMMRA workshop in Bangkok (see Appendix I). Participants were invited by UNESCO and UNDP. The workshop was hosted by the Hydrographic Department of the Royal Thai Navy. Topics covered are GIS based coastal mapping including (i) data sources of global elevation data sets, (ii) data conversion and transformation of bathymetric and topographic data,(iii) data editing, (iv) DTM generation and gridding, and (v) DTM evaluation. Precise depth and land elevation data are essential for a realistic simulation of the effects of a tsunami.

The next topic covers introduction and application of the tsunami modeling software named Community Model Interface for Tsunami (ComMIT). ComMIT was developed by the NOAA Center for Tsunami Research. It is freely available for detailed tsunami modeling of deep and shallow water regions.

Last topic covers tsunami risk assessment in various contexts and an introduction to risk assessment guidelines and their application.
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