Report on training bathymetric processing techniques for coastal data using hips & base editor

Author(s) Caris Training Team: Serge Levesque and Andrew Hoggarth
Summary As a follow up to the Coast Map IO “Advanced Hydrographic Surveying Training” that
took place in 2008, a need for dedicated CARIS HIPS and SIPS training became
evident. Representatives from participating countries that had or were likely to be
getting the required capacity e.g. Multibeam sonar technology were specifically selected
for this training.
The training course took place at the Hydrographic Department of the Royal Thai Navy
in Bangna, Bangkok, 16 – 20 March, 2009. Following the invitations issued by the IOC
to the focal points of the identified participating countries, 8 participants from 4 countries
(Annex I) attended this training.
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