In this section of the web site we list proposals for which IOC is seeking donors. These have been prepared as appendices of the framework of UNESCO "Complementary Additional Programme" (CAP). 

Proposals under the IOC CDF are small scale (up tp US$ 100,000) and short-duration activities (days, weeks, few months) that have a strong capacity development focus. 

Donors interested in sponsoring proposals are invted to contact the IOC staff mentioned in the proposals or to get in touch with Peter Pissierssens (IOC CD coordinator) on 


Project/Activity Title
IOC Programme
Amount requested (in US$)
001  Capacity development in marine science communication to enhance the ocean science – policy interface     IODE/OBIS/OCL/MPR 4 months  50,000
002   Capacity development in ocean observation data analysis and product visualisation to enhance the ocean science – policy interface IODE/OBIS/GOOS/OSC 4 months  50,000
003 OceanTeacher Global Academy Training Course: Advanced Ocean Data Management IODE 10 days/ course 75000/ course
004 OceanTeacher Global Academy Traning Course: Development of a Data Management Plan IODE/IIOE2 1 week/ course 75,000/ course
005 IOC Travel Grant Fund IOC CD  n/a 2,500/ grant 
006  IIOE2 Student and Early-career Research Exchange Grant Scheme IIOE2   varying 10,000/ grant 
007  IIOE2 Capacity Building Workshops on Ocean Observations and Data Applications IIOE2/ GOOS   5 days/ course 75,000/ course 
008  DOALOS-IOC Training Project on Marine Scientific Research under the UNCLOS MPR/IOC CD/ IODE  5 days/ course 96,000/ course 
009  OceanTeacher Global Academy Training course: Marine Spaticl Planning towards the sustainable use of the ocean


5 days/ course  40,000/ course 
010  OceanTeacher Global Academy Training course: Data, information and decision support tools to support ICAM and MSP implementation MPR/IODE  10 days/ course  50,000/ course 
011  IOCAFRICA Capacity Development Course -Application of Ocean Data and Modelling products IOCAFRICA/IODE  5 days/ course  75,000/ course 
012  IOCAFRICA Capacity Development Course - Training on sampling identification of potentially harmful marine microalgae IOCAFRICA/HAB/IODE  5 days/ course  50,000/ course 
013  IIOE-2 IOP-SIBER winter school on “Indian Ocean Physical and Biological Oceanography: from observations to modelling” IIOE2  8-10 days/ course  20,000/course 
014 International Tsunami Programme, Southwest Pacific: Regional Training on PTWS Enhanced Products Tsunami 5 days x 2 95,000
015  Capacity Development to make the Pacific Islands ‘Tsunami Ready’ Tsunami  1 year 94,000


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