The project called “Strengthening Global Governance of Large Marine Ecosystems and Their Coasts through Enhanced Sharing and Application of LME/ICM/MPA Knowledge and Information Tools” or the GEF LME: Learn Project will improve global ecosystem-based governance of Large Marine Ecosystems and their coasts by generating knowledge, building capacity, harnessing public and private partners and supporting south-to-south learning and north-to-south learning. A key element of this improved governance is mainstreaming cooperation between LME, MPA, and ICM projects in overlapping areas, both for GEF projects and for non-GEF projects.

This Full-scale project plans to achieve a multiplier effect using demonstrations of learning tools and toolboxes, to aid practitioners and other key stakeholders, in conducting and learning from GEF projects.

Although the project has a global scope, it will operate through the LME, ICM and MPA projects and the broad network of public and private sector organizations that are engaged in the projects. The GEF LME: Learn project will allow the exchange of best environmental practices and improve socio-economic benefits at national and local levels through building the institutional capacity of host nations to stem the loss in ecosystem goods and services. By improving coastal and marine management and governance practices, the project will improve ecosystem health and subsequently ecosystem services, such as seafood security and shoreline protection, and human well-being, such as livelihood opportunities, incomes and standards of living. The implementation of the capacity development activities would rely on the strengths of Partnerships, using and modifying existing training materials and filling gaps with others as needed.

The major outcomes associated with the project component are as follows:
- Increased collaboration and learning exchanges South-to-South between the GEF LME, MPA and ICM projects, and North-to-South and South-to-North partnerships with non-GEF marine and coastal initiatives (e.g. Seascapes) to build capacity and develop training and education materials.
- GEF LME/ICM/MPA practitioners trained in new techniques and approaches for ecosystem-based 5-modular assessment, management and governance practices for ecosystem and mitigation of effects of climatic variability and change in LMEs.
- Increased capacity of GEF LME, ICM and MPA project staff and practitioners, to address the new ecosystem-based governance priorities in GEF6 built through portfolio learning, partnerships, and training.

High priority areas for short-term training have been identified in a dedicated survey as:
- Ecosystem management and governance
- Integrated ecosystem assessment
- Quantitative skills
- Fisheries
- Technical skills
- Cross-cutting subjects


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