The Global Ocean Science Report (GOSR) envisages providing an overview of (i) investments, (ii) resources, and (iii) scientific productivity in Ocean Science. Ocean Science, as used in this document, includes all research disciplines related to the study of the ocean: physical, biological, chemical, geological, hydrographic, health, and social sciences, as well as engineering, the humanities, and multidisciplinary research on the relationship between humans and the ocean. Ocean science seeks to understand complex, multi-scale social-ecological systems and services, which requires observations and multidisciplinary and collaborative research.

The report will be mainly divided in two parts: firstly, a quantitative comparison, of e.g., bibliometrics and secondly a qualitative section, which addresses actions in capacity building, technology transfer, as well as national strategies and plans for ocean sciences under the national and global perspective. A chapter highlighting the contribution of marine science to the development of ocean policies and sustainable development, considering examples of past, current, and emerging issues in ocean science will complete the GOSR.

The final assessment will deliver an overview on where and by whom ocean science is conducted addressing the key aspects of ocean science regarding sustainable development and blue growth. The report will help to optimize the sustainable use of marine resources, to encourage capacity-development and transfer of technology marine environment, and to facilitate international cooperation in coastal and global marine research and management. In brief, the GOSR will provide information on where the science capacity exists to address the challenges raised by the World Ocean Assessment.


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