oceanteacherlogoOceanTeacher is a comprehensive web-based training system that supports Classroom training (face-to-face), Blended training (combining classroom and distance learning), online tutoring and online self-learning.


OceanTeacher has been developed as a training system for ocean data managers (working in ocean data centres), marine information managers (marine librarians) as well as for marine researchers who wish to acquire knowledge on data and/or information management. In addition OceanTeacher is being used for training in other related disciplines.


The Ocean Teacher system is comprised of 2 main components:


- The OceanTeacher Classroom - contains courses on oceanographic data and information management. The OT Classroom is based upon Moodle software and contains a collection of outlines, notes and links to miscellaneous documents in the OT Digital Library. Some Courses in the OT Classroom are available without registration whereas other courses require registering. Students participating in "live" courses organized at the IOC Project Office for IODE (or other locations) will need to register. This will enable support by lecturers as well as communication with other students before, during and after the course.

- The OceanTeacher YouTube Channel – contains series of videos of lectures and demos, organised into albums, each corresponding to a training course.


While OceanTeacher courses have been lectured at the IOC Project Office for IODE since 2005, the OceanTeacher Global Academy project (2015-...) has started a new era of training for IODE. OceanTeacher Global Academy (OTGA).

The OTGA project aims to develop a network of regional training centres that all use a common e-platform for the management of course content and also share lecturers through video conferencing. Each partner in the network focuses on a region or sub-region, using a locally relevant working language, local lecturers and focusing - where possible - on locally relevant issues. As of March 2016 the network has 4 designated Regional Training Centres (Colombia, Kenya, India, Malaysia) and 5 candidate RTCs (USA, Senegal, Mozambique, South Africa, China). The latter are in the process of official creation and are expected to be fully operational by March 2017. 




While the OceanTeacher Global Academy has its origins in the IODE programme the RTCs, taking into account locally available expertise may also organize courses on other subject areas within the IOC mandate. 


For an overview of courses visit http://classroom.oceanteacher.org


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