Activity 6.2 Financial support by Member States to IOC activities: Action 6.2.1 Resource mobilization from Member States, Institutional and Private Sector Partners


The IOC Medium-Term Strategy states that “Existing resource mobilization approaches for Members States, institutional and private sector partners, tightly linked to the priorities approved by IOC Governing Bodies and its capacities to deliver will be intensified, as will be public-private partnerships and information and visibility efforts.”


The IOC Assembly at its 27th session in 2013 adopted a flexible approach allowing the Commission to allocate resources and implement the programme, including performance indicators and benchmarks, taking into account a set of Guiding Principles for budget allocation to maximize funding opportunities. These principles identify innovative approaches for mobilizing funding and other resources at the global and regional levels.


Member States have been providing support to IOC through various mechanisms detailed above. Taking into account priorities set by Member States in terms of focus countries, regions and preferred programmes, IOC will seek to mobilize financial and other resources to assist in achieving the priorities that Member States have articulated for the IOC capacity development programme.


UNESCO invites Member States to provide financial contributions in addition to the regular "assessed contribution" through the Complementary Additional Programme (CAP). Every biennium IOC prepares a list of proposed projects and activities for which additional funding is sought. 


In this section of the web site we provide an overview of the proposed projects/activities for the biennium 2016-2017.




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