One of the objectives of this web site is to guide you to opportunities to develop your individual or institutional capacity. As already shown in the section on the IOC CD strategy, capacity development is much more than training and education.

In the sub-sections of this part of the web site we will list links to web sites where opportunities for these various aspects of capacity development are offered.

1. Human resources developed    

1.1 Academic (higher) education
1.2 Continuous professional development
1.3 Sharing of knowledge and expertise/ community building
1.4 Gender balance


2. Access to physical infrastructure established or improved    

2.1 Facilitating access to infrastructure (facilities, instruments, vessels)

3. Global, regional and sub-regional mechanisms strengthened    

3.1 Further strengthening and supporting secretariats of regional commissions
3.2 Enhance effective communication between regional sub-commission secretariats and global programmes as well as other communities of practice (incl. other organisations)

4. Development of ocean research policies in support of sustainable development objectives promoted    

4.1 Sharing of information on ocean research priorities
4.2 Developing national marine science management procedures and national policies

5. Visibility and awareness increased    

5.1 Public Information
5.2 Ocean Literacy

6. Sustained (long-term) resource mobilization reinforced    

6.1 In-kind opportunities
6.2 Financial support by Member States to IOC activities



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