As preliminary elements of a draft work plan it is proposed that the IOC:

- Develop programmatic and regionally relevant capacity development work plans based on this strategy and related needs assessments conducted in a consistent manner, building on on-going activities;

- Mobilize resources in order to reinforce staffing of its regional Sub-Commission secretariats other subsidiary bodies and global programmes through programme development;

- Enhance collaboration and communication between its global programmes and regional subsidiary bodies, to contribute to (a) and (b) above.


In the 2016–2017 biennium, IOC Member States and IOC partners are encouraged to:

- Identify new opportunities to participate in and benefit from reinforced partnerships through the IOC to achieve their capacity development goals in marine science and governance;

- Mobilize the knowledge, personnel, infrastructural and financial resources to support IOC’s catalytic role in helping Member States achieve these goals;

- Communicate and raise the visibility of IOC’s unique niche in capacity development.


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